Monday, July 9, 2012

The Mortal Instruments: Spottings, Casting Updates & More News!

So, apparently, while I was away and couldn't access the internet, the people behind The Mortal Instruments movie released a bucket load of news! I'm sure the fandom is going crazy right now. A couple of days ago (I think it was a couple of days.. I don't know, I've been away for the last three. So sorry if I'm wrong.)  the news was released that Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet have signed onto play two of Valentine's henchmen. Durand will be playing Pangborn, and Mailet will be playing Blackwell.

Kevin Durand

Robert Mailett

I'm sure these guys are fabulous actors and they definitely look the part. I've only seen Kevin Durand as the evil, alien dude in I Am Number Four. Robert Maillet was recently in Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, which I haven't seen yet! If you want to check out more of what they've been in, Robert Maillet's imdb is here and Kevin Durand's is hereAnd, in OTHER, Mortal Instruments news, Sony has released their design for the City of Bones movie poster title!!

I personally love it! And the 'o' in 'of'' is a rune! Yay! It's very simple, yet very eye catching.
And finally, Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins aka Jace and Clary have been spotted together in Toronto, where they're soon-to-be filming the movie. (They're filming in Toronto and New York, if you didn't know) Here are some of the pictures! Good to know they are good friends in real life. Hopefully the chemistry will translate well on screen.

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