Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #4

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August 28: Top Ten Bookish Confessions.

1. ) One time I... I spilled juice all over a library book. I FELT SO BAD. And to make it even worse, it was Looking For Alaska by John Green, a book I love. When I noticed it was in pretty bad condition, I tried to clean it up and make it look all pretty again, thinking I could get away with it, but when I went to hand it in at the library, they told me it was in such bad condition I had to pay for it. I felt so embarrassed and guilty. It didn't help that they looked at me like I was some sort of criminal. (Still ashamed to this day, btw)

2.) I skim more than I'd like to admit. Sometimes, I just find descriptions just so damn boring. I JUST WANT TO GET TO THE DIALOGUE, OK.

3.) I hate -- no, LOATHE -- when they change the book cover designs half way through this series. It drives me crazy. Like, Divergent, for example. I have the US version of Divergent sitting on my shelf in all its badassness, and then next to it, I've got the crappy UK version of Insurgent, because that's all my local bookstore had. NOW IT LOOKS STUPID and gross and they're not the same size and ugh.

4.) I cringe everytime I see that people dog ear their books. I'm sorry, but no, put a bookmark in it. PLEASE.

5.) For me to actually go out and buy the book, it usually has to have an average rating that's above 4 stars on Goodreads. (Although, I've gotta admit, sometimes I still don't like books that have rave reviews - like The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, for example.)

6.) I spend way more money on books than I do on clothes or other important things.

7.) I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to books. If I have to read a book for review and I don't find it absolutely mind-blowing, I'll put it off as long as I can by reading and buying other books.

8.) I hate when books have bent pages or creased spines. I like my books to be in PERFECT condition. That's why I don't lend them to friends all that often.

9.) If I love a book, I will go on and on about it until you're pretty much forced to go out and buy it. (I've pretty much started some sort of THG cult at my school. Crazy.) 

10.) I always buy new books even though I don't need them. My TBR pile is huge enough as it is, but I just keep buying more! 


  1. I with you on number #6. I'd sooner spend money on books rather than anything else.

    1. True. :) It annoys my friends to the max though. When we go out shopping, I spend all my time in the book stores.